Techno Cinema: Music by Danny Burns

EleMental Album Cover EleMental
Epic music fit for the big screen: Soaring heroes, action-packed battles, adventure, passion, and triumph. January 2015

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Void Album Cover Void
Electronic tunes from chill to dance, rock, electronic orchestra, chiptune, and dubstep. Features the vocal single, "Artif1cial W0rld." March 2014

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Evening with Friends Album Cover Evening with Friends
Jazz sets the mood and establishes character for a production of 'ART' at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. February 2014

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Macbeth Original Soundtack Album Cover Macbeth Original Soundtrack
Music for a post-apocalyptic world of tribal loyalties and supernatural elements, composed for a production of Macbeth at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon. October 2013

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Danger and Destiny Album Cover Danger and Destiny
A rousing collection of cinematic music, with 26 tracks of action, adventure, suspense, and joy. May 2013

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MacBrickout Original Soundtrack Album Cover MacBrickout Soundtrack
The official soundtrack to the classic MacBrickout game for iPhone and iPad. Features 35 tracks of electronica, orchestra, and rock. May 2012

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