animation/Motion Graphics portfolio (2019)

Animations, title sequences, and motion graphics I have done within the past year and a half.

Avisterra: A Minecraft Miniseries

First Three Scenes of Episode 1 (Five Whole Episodes Coming Soon!)

  • Music, Sound Design/Editing, Animation, & Video Editing: Danny Burns

  • Screenwriting: Danny Burns & Matt Duarte

  • Voice Actors: Danny Burns, Rushhour1222, Grayson, Corey Messenger, HellcraftJZ, Bonez510, Dominic Held, Matt Duarte, Ira Villanueva, Snowprint, Alex Quayle (Those listed by aliases have kindly requested to keep their names private.)

animation/VFX from 2015

Animation Demo Reel and a College Project set to Original Music

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